Best Way to Wipe Flash Drive

Is your flash drive consisting of some important or confidential data due to which you want to know how to wipe flash drive before it reach to some other hands? If YES, then don’t panic as you are at the right place where you will get a best flash drive wipe tool using which you can completely wipe flash drive so that the data stored on it can’t be recovered by any recovery software. But before proceeding with this, have a look at the advantages of flash drive and why to wipe flash drive.

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Flash Drive is a small data storage device, which contains a flash memory. Flash drives are portable devices used to transfer data from one system to another and they are typically known as Pen drives, USB drives, memory sticks, etc. which are reliable and faster to access files. As it is a portable device, you can use it to store and keep a backup of your important data and it can also be carried to any place at anytime due to its small size. These drives can carry huge amount of data as it comes with data storage capacity ranging from 500MB to 64GB and might be even more. You can store or save any kind of data on it such as videos, songs, documents, apps, and other important files.

Why to wipe flash drive?

As flash drive is a small and portable data storage device, it will be shared among all your friends, colleagues, family members, and with many others. So in such condition, it is important for you to completely wipe flash drive before you handover it to others. If you did not wipe flash drive and simply give away it to others then they will come to know about your confidential info that you might have saved on it because of which you may put yourself in trouble.

You can wipe flash drive simply by performing the following tasks:

In all these cases, your actual data won’t be permanently deleted. Just by making use of some advanced recovery software, all the data which has been deleted, formatted can be easily recovered. So in order to know how to wipe flash drive completely, you can make use of an effective flash drive wipe tool that is called as Remo MORE.

Remo MORE to wipe flash drive

Remo MORE is an advanced tool to permanently wipe flash drive beyond recovery. This Remo MORE with wiping feature is loaded with simple user interface which supports its users to know how to wipe flash drive in a very easy way. With the help of this tool, you can completely wipe flash drive on both Windows and Mac system. If you are using this tool to completely wipe flash drive then none of the recovery products can recover data from flash drive as it wipe flash drive beyond recovery. Remo MORE is also used to remove junk files, duplicate files and to compress files on your flash drive.

Steps to wipe flash drive:

Step 1: Download and Install the demo version of the software and run the software. From the main screen, select “Manage” and then click on “Data Wipe” option to wipe flash drive as shown in Fig.1.

Fig 1: select Data Wipe

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Step 2: From Fig.2 select “Drive Sanitizer” option and proceed.

Fig 2: Select Drive Sanitizer

Step 3: Now insert your flash drive to the system and then select the drive. After that click on next arrow button as shown in Fig.3.

Fig 3: Select Flash Drive

Step 4: After selecting the flash drive that you need to wipe, select the wiping method and click proceed option as shown in Fig.4.

Fig 4: Select Wiping Method

Step 5: The drive wiping process is under progress as shown in Fig.5.

Fig 5: Flash Drive Wipinig Under Progress

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