Efficient Tool to Securely Erase Flash Media

Do you want to securely erase flash media and are you in search of tool that can help you to do this task? If YES, then no need to worry at all because you can effortlessly and securely delete files from flash media in just a couple of mouse clicks. Here you will get an efficient tool that surely helps you to securely erase flash media. But before that, let us know the types of flash media and why to securely erase flash media.

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Flash media is a storage device which is described as a portable or removable device. This flash media utilizes non-volatile memory to retain data. The popular flash media devices are memory cards and USB drives or Pen drives. Flash media is a device which comes with the data storage capacity starting from 500 MB to 100s of GB. So, one can store all media files on it such as video files, audio files, image files, animations, and also other data files. These flash media devices may be used to store your important data backup, to share or transfer data between other data storage devices. It is easy to carry at any place and at anytime due to its small size.

Why to securely erase flash media?

One can store any kind of data on flash storage media even including user’s confidential data like bank account information, mail password, family photos and other private information. As flash media devices are portable devices, one can share it with friends, relatives, and also with other people. But before giving it to others, you must delete all your private information which you don’t want to reveal to others. In such cases you need to securely wipe flash drive so that it won’t be recovered back again.

The data deleted from flash media by using simple delete option won’t work because the deleted data from flash media can be easily restored with the help of some advanced recovery softwares. In order to avoid this, you must know how to securely delete flash memory so that the deleted flash memory data can’t be retrieved.

In order to securely erase flash media, you may find number of tools on Google play but these tools might not be so effective. Instead, such tools may come with malwares which can affect your flash media itself, may not securely delete files from flash media, etc. So in order to securely erase flash media beyond recovery, you need more reliable and secure tool and one such tool is Remo MORE. But before using this software, make sure that you have backup of your important data because, once the data deleted from flash media by using this tool it can’t be recovered back again.

Remo MORE is a very efficient tool that has been reviewed by industry professionals. This software comes with many advanced features that help you to securely wipe flash storage media. It allows you to select wiping method in order to securely erase flash memory on both Windows and Mac systems. It is simple user friendly interface, so even a non technical person can learn how to securely wipe flash storage media. This tool will securely wipe flash storage media beyond recovery. It is an excellent tool to securely erase flash memory. It can securely delete files from flash media within a short period of time. It also supports to wipe data on hard drive, compress files on flash media, increase system performance, delete duplicate files and junk data on storage device, etc.

Steps to securely erase flash media

Step 1: Download and Install the demo version of the software and run the software. From the main screen, select “Manage” and then click on “Data Wipe” option to securely erase flash memory as shown in Fig.1.

Securely Erase Flash Media  - Main Screen

Fig 1: Select Data Wipe

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Step 2: From Fig.2 select “Drive Sanitizer” option and proceed with securely erase flash memory.

Securely Erase Flash Media  - Select Drive Sanitizer

Fig 2: Select Drive Sanitizer

Step 3: Now insert your flash media to the system and then select the drive to securely wipe flah drive. After that click on next arrow button as shown in Fig.3.

Securely Erase Flash Media  - Select Flash Media

Fig 3: Select Flash Media

Step 4: After selecting the flash Media that you need to securely erase, select the wiping method and click proceed option as shown in Fig.4.

Securely Erase Flash Media  - Select Wiping Method

Fig 4: Select Wiping Method

Step 5: The drive wiping process is under progress as shown in Fig.5.

Securely Erase Flash Media  - Wiping Under Progress

Fig 5: Flash Media Wipinig Under Progress

Download Remo MORE Windows

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