How to Password Protect Flash Drive Files?

A USB Flash drive is a data storage device that includes flash memory with an integrated Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface. Flash Drives are convenient, compact and affordable devices that provide portability and peace-of-mind for those who need to backup or transfer important data from one computer to another. If different user uses that USB drive, anyone can access those files easily. In that case, you need a flash drive file encryption utility that can lock flash drive files easily and secure them from any unauthorized access.

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To protect any types of files on a flash drive, Remo MORE Software is an efficient and renowned application. Most of the users protect their confidential information from strangers by hiding them manually. Through this process, you can hide files on USB drive but can’t secure them completely. However they are not shown to the user, but it is very simple to unhide that information in the same way that you made them hidden. Some ill-mannered persons are very curious about to see hidden files if any on the drive. Therefore, it is not a proper way to keep confidential information on USB drive secured. The simplest way is to password protect flash drive files using Remo MORE Software which guarantees total security of data. However, one can even use USB protector to protect USB drive files, but it can be used to lock the complete drive. After applying such software, one can’t access any information from that flash drive. If you need to protect only some private information on the drive, this tool will be the most appropriate. Using Remo MORE Software, you can lock files on USB flash drive individually, not the complete drive.

Advantages of locking files on a flash drive:

Remo MORE Software is the best utility to lock Flash Drive files on both Windows as well as Mac computer system. With the help of this software you can lock all types of files on flash drive including Word, Excel, PPT and many others. It generates a robust password which can’t be cracked by trial and hit method. This software not only locks files on USB flash drive but, also on SD card, memory stick, pen drive and other different storage drive including computer hard disk drive. On can use this software to lock files on SanDisk, Transcend, HP, Kingston, and Toshiba or any other brands of pen drive. It has the ability to hide the password protected file from user’s view. Besides that, it requires a master password to use this application for confirmation of proper use. This software is recommended by most of industry experts because it is easy to use and requires least time to lock and unlock any file. The best part of the software is that it is free to download and use. Hence, it is one of the best tools to lock Flash Drive files without any difficulty.

Steps to Lock Flash Drive Files using Remo MORE Software:

Step 1: Download and Install the demo version of the software and Run the software. From the main screen select “Manage” and then click on “File Manager” option to password protect flash drive files.

How to Password Protect Flash Drive Files? - Main Screen

Fig 1: select File Manager

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Step 2: From this window, select “File Protector” option and proceed.

How to Password Protect Flash Drive Files? - Select File Protector

Fig 2: Select File Protector

Step 3: On the next screen you will get two options, click on “File/Folder Locker” option to password protect flash drive files.

How to Password Protect Flash Drive Files?- Preview File Screen

Fig 3: File/Folder Locker

Step 4: As soon as you select “File/Folder Locker” option, the software asks you to set master password to lock flash drive files. Once, the password is set “Add” the files which you want to lock and click on “Lock” button.

How to Password Protect Flash Drive Files? - Select Lock Opton

Fig 4: Select Lock Opton

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